A Foundation For Life

A foundation for life.
Luke 6:46-49

We began discussing last week the importance of knowing what we believe in order to stand for those beliefs.  We also talked about the need to go back to the Bible to redefine some of our beliefs, which are not in line with God’s word today.  Last week we talked about how some people who may be calling themselves followers of Christ, may not even make it to heaven because they were not truly his disciples.  They did lots of things for God while on earth but neglected to do the most important thing, to develop a relationship with the Savior.

As disciples of Jesus, we must know his word, so we can distinguish truth from error.  It is God’s word, the Bible, that tells us what to believe and redefines for us those beliefs that we may have which are not accurate.  Everyone believes in something, the beliefs become their foundation for life.  Whatever people do is ruled by their beliefsGhandhi said: “your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, and your values become your destiny.”

Our actions, everything we do is determined by our beliefs, they are our foundation.  This is why we need to know what we believe in order to have a solid foundation in life.  Before someone builds a house, the first thing they lay is the foundation, this is the most important part of the house; if the foundation is cracked, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the house looks, it will not stand.  A foundation is the base upon which something is built or established.  Every organization, movement, country has a foundation.  Our great nation began with the words, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.. (Declaration of Independence).

How ironic, a nation who was founded on a belief that men were created and endowed by their Creator, years later chose to believe that man is an accident of nature and teach in their school system not the creation of man, but the evolution of man.  More than ever Christians need to go back to the Bible in order to redefine our beliefs.

Jesus said to the people of his days, why do you call me Lord and don’t do what I say? Why do you keep pretending, calling yourself follower, when you are not? Luke 6:46-49

Jesus gives us the best foundation for life.  To build on a firm foundation is to do what Jesus says or practice his teachings. Jesus said the person who comes to him, hears his teaching and put them in practice is the one who builds on a firm foundation. (47) A true disciple of Jesus is he or she who continues to build on a firm foundation-Jesus.  He or she is the one who does what Jesus says.

Jesus is the foundation that will keep you safe and secure when the storm hits.

All foundations get tested.  The flood will beat against your house but you will stand because your foundation is strong.

To only hear Jesus’ teachings is to build upon a sandy foundation.  This is the same as building upon no foundation at all.

James 1:22-25 To only hear is to truly deceive yourself.  It’s the putting in practice what you hear that brings the blessing.

To truly build on a firm foundation, one must put in practice Jesus’ teaching.  

How many church people have been hearing Jesus’s words through their studies, when they go to church but don’t practice his teachings?  Jesus challenged them saying “why do you then call me your Lord, when you don’t care what I saying?  You are not practicing.

Everyone will have storms in this life, issues, struggles.  When the struggles are winning over you, when you are shaken by those issues, it’s time you take a look at your foundation.  What is it you are building your life upon?  Money, job, entertainment, church, government, those things will fail.  You need the firm foundation that will carry you through the toughest times in life, Jesus Christ.

Peter challenged a bunch of religious people in the first century. Acts 4:11 Jesus is the stone you builders rejected which has become the cornerstone.  Salvation is found in no one else.

For Jesus to be your firm foundation, you have to practice what he says otherwise, something or someone else is your foundation, but Jesus.  You need to build your life upon the rock.  Your marriage, your finances, your parenting skills, your job, your business.  Everything about you need to have as foundation Jesus or else it will fail you.

Ps.62:1-2 My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation he is my fortress, I will never be shaken. (NIV)





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