Behold Your King

Behold your king!

Matthew 21:1-11

Today is what is known as Palm Sunday in our calendar. A week before Easter or Resurrection Sunday. What is significant about Palm Sunday? The story is recorded in the four gospels as the triumphant entry. The day Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem riding on a donkey; this was the day that Jesus openly identified himself to the world as the expected Messiah. Jesus’ identity baffled people. Some considered him a great teacher, rabbi, prophet. His closest friends confessed him as the Son of God. The triumphant entry in Jerusalem is the beginning of what we know as “Passion Week.” A week that ends with the crucifixion. There were so many prophecies in the Old Testament or Jewish writings about the Messiah. They would know where he would be born (Bethlehem of Judea). There was a prophecy about how he would openly enter the city. Jesus knew it was time to intentionally show himself to the world as the prophesied Messiahs. He sent two of his disciples to get a donkey for him.
Matthew 21:1-5

This took place to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet Zechariah 9:9 Rejoice greatly O daughter of Zion! Shout, daughter of Jerusalem! See your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.
This is the description of the Messiah king.
Bringing salvation (victorious)
Gentle (humble)

The disciples did as Jesus commanded them and they brought the donkey to Jesus; as he was approaching Jerusalem, people began to celebrate his entrance. The crowd spread their garments and others cut branches on the road. This is how they welcomed their king that day.
They shouted Hosanna to the Son of David, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
Psalm 118:25-26 O LORD save us; O LORD, grant us success. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD. From the house of the LORD we bless you. // Matthew 21:9

People were ready to be saved from the Roman rule and they saw Jesus as their political leader. Most people, even the disciples, thought Jesus would establish his kingdom that day. Everything was ready, the atmosphere, the time, etc. People’s expectation didn’t match Jesus’ expectation.

People’s expectation God’s expectation
-political king (Jewish) -global king (everyone)
-palace in Jerusalem -a cross and crown of thorns
-geographical deliverance versus -universal deliverance from sin
-save us now, we pray – I will, but not yet
-do what we expect! -He came to do God’s will

There were so many different kinds of people in the crowd.
Disciples: those who truly followed Jesus and knew his identity
Fans: party goes: they were there because the parade was big and they wanted to be part of it. (They would cheer for anyone even if they didn’t know him)
The man riding the donkey must be special for everyone is welcoming him in such a way.
Religious people (the spectators trying to trap Jesus in his actions).

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred (in an uproar. Shaken). Who is this?
The crowd’s opinion:
This is Jesus the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee.
The crowd itself didn’t quite understand what was taking place; they missed the point that Jesus was more than a prophet; they had no idea that God himself had visited them that day. They were ignorant of the prophecies that foretold such entry.

Everyone has to come to grip with the question of who Jesus is. The prophet said, behold, your king comes to you righteous and bringing salvation, humble and riding on a donkey. How many people entered the city of Jerusalem riding on a donkey?

The angel Gabriel told Mary his mother that he will be a king from the line of David and his kingdom will never end. Luke 1:32-33

Pilate asked Jesus if he was a king Luke. 23:3, “It is as you said.”
John 18:33-37 Are you the king of the Jews?

He came in a humble way the first time, when he comes again will be as Judge and king of kings and Lord of Lords. Rev.19:11-16

Which kind of person are you in the crowd?
When you praise Jesus, or sing to him, do you do it because some people do it?
Have you been hearing about Jesus, but still not too sure about him?
Are you the kind of person who doesn’t want Jesus to interfere with your religion?
Do you praise and worship him because you know he truly is the King of kings and Lord of lords?


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