Indescribable Peace

Indescribable Peace in Christ!
John 14:27// 16:33

Most people define peace as the absence of war or conflict.  Webster’s dictionary defines peace as a state in which there is no war or fighting.  It is freedom from civil disturbance; a state of tranquility or quiet; a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom.
This definition of peace that most people have goes against peace as described in Scripture.
Jesus is known as the prince of Peace all the way from the Old Testament (Isaiah 9:6); during Jesus’ earthly ministry, he spent about three years with his disciples teaching them and equipping them for ministry.  They were following Jesus and thought he was the savior the messiah that was to come to the world, then at the final stage of his ministry, Jesus began to tell them that he was going to leave them.  This is what we read in the gospel of John, especially chapters 14-16

Chapter 14 Jesus began to encourage his disciples telling them not to be troubled or disheartened for he was going to prepare a place. He is the way to heaven, the truth and the life.  This is where Jesus also told them the one who loves him is the one who obeys his teachings.  In verse 27  Jesus said to them.  Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you.  Not as the world gives do I give to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

Jesus’ peace is contrary to the world’s idea of peace.
It gives you a reason not to panic or discouraged.  This peace of Jesus is a source of strength for his people Jesus said I am leaving this with you, I am giving you this peace.  This is the chance to be at peace in the midst of trials or bad news.  I am giving you the way to be harmonious, sense of tranquility and security in the midst of chaos.  I am giving you a chance to be courageous when others experience fear.
The disciples needed this peace, especially after Jesus announced to them he was leaving.
Verse15-31 Jesus announced to them that even though he is leaving, he would send to them the Holy Spirit to be with them to remind them of everything he said to them

Chapter 15. The Vine and the branches
Jesus encouraged them to remain in his love and gives them the command to love one another as he has loved them (v12)
Verse 18-27 Jesus told them about how they would be hated by the world because of him; they would be persecuted.

Chapter 16 Jesus once again reaffirmed to them the work the Spirit would do among them.  In this portion of Scripture we notice the disciple admitting that this time Jesus spoke plainly to them and not in parables; he told them what was coming.  This chapter ends with the reason why Jesus had told these things to his followers.
Verse 33   I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.   The reason Jesus told them all those things we read in chapter 14 all the way to chpt.16:33 is that they can have peace in Jesus.   Trouble is coming, but in me you can have peace in the midst of troubles.

The idea of peace in Hebrew (shalom) and Greek is the idea of harmony, completeness wholenessThe state of untroubled tranquility, wholeness, or tranquility in the soul that is unaffected by the outward circumstances or pressures of life.
This is not the absence of war; this is tranquility in the midst of chaos in your life.  Trouble is coming, persecutions, hardships, but in Jesus, you can have peace; this peace you cannot find anywhere else.

Tony Evans puts it this way: “Peace is where God’s calm and God’s tranquility overrule your concerns”

This is what we heard last week from Louie, he was told a bad news, life altering news, but he said, he had peace of mind. He was calm because he knew God is in control.

-A lady walked away from the hospital a day before her child was scheduled to have surgery.  She said “ let’s go home, If God wants to give us this child, he will live, but if he doesn’t we will still praise him.”
A preacher had the whole congregation in tears after he announced he had pancreatic cancer; but I will be ok, he said.  How can he say he is ok; how can you be so calm when your world is falling apart.  It’s only through Jesus, our source of peace.

This peace is indescribable, it transcends our knowledge. (Php.4:6-7)

-Don’t be anxious but pray
-The peace of Christ will guard your mind as you wait for God to show up or answer your prayers.  When you have prayed, this peace will overwhelm you to wait on him.

I am a Christian but it seems that I don’t feel this peace yet.

You must examine your own relationship with God; If Jesus promised peace for his followers and you are a follower and you don’t feel his peace.  You are disconnected from the source of peace-Jesus.  You are not taking him as his word, in other words, you are not trusting him with that issue that is overwhelming your life at that moment.   You see the situation, the problem bigger than the God you claim to serve.   Jesus calls his followers to be courageous, take heart, for I have overcome.  Christ has given us this peace already and if we haven’t developed it in our lives is because we still struggle with our trusting him.  This peace is only developed in you when you truly know Jesus.  The more you know him the more you trust him and less fearful you are about life in general.  You want this peace? Work at your relationship with the one who promises such peace.

It is only in Jesus and through Jesus that you and I can say like the song writer: “It is well with my soul.”

The Peace Jesus promises to us is not the absence of conflict or trials, but a peace that transcends our minds, a calmness, and tranquility despite the circumstances you may be experiencing.

If your circumstances are drowning you; then it’s time you start trusting Jesus.  He already gave us this peace in us.  You don’t have to wait until the war ends or when the government changes strategy, you can be at peace, in tranquility in this world even when things get worse, because true peace is only found in a relationship with Christ.  He is our peace, our fortress in the midst of adversity.  When you feel like you don’t have it, it is because there is a disconnection between you and Jesus.

Here are the words of someone who experienced peace because of his relationship with the Lord.


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