The Foundation of our Faith

The Foundation of our Faith!

Luke 24

It must have been awful for the apostles and disciples of Jesus when their leader was nailed to a cross. You know that time when things don’t go as you expected; when your hopes and dreams come to a halt. Jesus was the one they thought would restore the kingdom to Israel, their political leader. This hope and dream was shattered on Friday by a wooden cross. Jesus’ death caused his followers to lay low; it brought fear and insecurity; imagine what went through their minds when their chosen leader died. They didn’t expect Jesus to die; they didn’t expect Jesus to rise from the dead either. Even though Jesus spoke plainly about the resurrection, his followers didn’t expect it.

The four gospels tell us the story of the resurrection, and they all have women as the first witnesses of the Empty tomb. These women had gone to the tomb also expecting to find a dead body. However, the unexpected happened!
Luke 24:1-12
The women became the first witnessed of the empty tomb; this is very significant because in the first century women’s testimony was regard untrustworthy, unreliable. The writers of the gospels would not have placed women as the first witnesses of the empty tomb unless it was true. (v.4) the women were confused as to why Jesus wasn’t there.
Two angels appeared and told them the reason the tomb was empty.
“Why do you seek the living One among the dead?”
He is not here, he has risen.

The resurrection verifies Jesus’ identity.
Jesus openly spoke of the resurrection to his disciples. He told them he would rise from the dead.
Remember what he told you when he was in Galilee? (v7)// Matt.16:21 “The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again”
But they missed it; the cross had shattered their hopes, their political dreams, and their future. They had not pay attention to the words of Jesus. They had used selective hearing with Jesus. They only heard part or what they wanted to hear. The disciples’ agenda distracted them from Jesus teaching about the resurrection. They had forgotten what Jesus talked about.

The women (Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary to mother of James) Then they remembered his words (v8) ..went back to the apostles to let them know what they just learned
The apostles didn’t believe the women’s testimony because they didn’t expect the resurrection.
(v.11) their words seemed as nonsense, insane.
The apostles could not have made up the resurrection since they didn’t expect or believed when someone told them about it.

Jesus ‘appearances!
Everyone in Jerusalem knew about what happened to Jesus; everyone knew he was killed.
Those who didn’t expect the resurrection had to see the risen Christ in order for them to believe and remember the prophecy.
On the road to Emmaus. Luke 24:13-33
The same day, later on in the afternoon, two disciples were going from a village named Emmaus, 7 miles from Jerusalem. They were discussing everything that had taken place in Jerusalem. Then Jesus approached them and said “what are you both talking about?
(v.18) Cleopas responded
What things?
The things about Jesus, a prophet mighty in deed and word in the sight of God.
Everyone in Jerusalem knew what happened to Jesus and how he died.
21) We were hoping that he was the one who would redeem Israel. It is the third day since all this happened. The women’s testimony. (They claimed that some angels told them that he was alive)
Jesus helped them understand by guiding them to the Scriptures (v.25-27, 44) The law and the prophets testify or point to Jesus.

The resurrection of Jesus turned coward disciples into brave witnesses.
The apostles ran and hid from the Jewish and Roman authorities. What turned the apostles and followers of Jesus from cowards into courageous men? It was that they had seen Jesus. He was indeed alive. They saw him and became eyewitnesses; they could not deny what they saw.
. (Acts 2:22-24; 31-32; Acts 4:10-12) If the resurrection didn’t happen, it would have been easy for the religious leaders to put an end to the preaching of the apostles; all they needed to do was to find the body of Jesus. However, they could not disprove the testimonies of the witnesses that saw Jesus alive.
The resurrection of Jesus ignited a fire in Jerusalem that affected the whole world and this fire is still going, burning. Christianity exists today because of the resurrection of Jesus.

The resurrection of Jesus the foundation for the Christian faith;
without it there is no Christianity. (I Cor.15:13-20) The church was founded on this; if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead our preaching is useless, our faith is useless and we have no hope and still guilty of our sin and under the curse of God.
Our Lord has conquered death and this fact is the foundation of our faith and the assurance of our future glory.
Our Lord said: I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me will live even if he dies. (John 11:25). We believe in a God who conquered death and promises us that we will conquer it also, for we will live with him forever; this is the hope we have because of Christ resurrection. Our Lord is alive and because he rose, he guarantees the future for those who are his.
Halleluiah, what a Savior!


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