God does not bluff!

We have been having a great time in our Bible study “Multiply” on Friday night.  Currently we are going through the Old Testament, specifically the Exodus story.  We have been learning who God is through the deeds he displayed on behalf of his people.

God is faithful and true to his word.  He had said to Moses he would punish the nation that mistreated and enslaved his people.  God was ready to free his people and bring them to the land he swore to his ancestors.  The king of Egypt paid no attention to God’s warnings.  God sent word to Pharaoh time and time again to free his people from slavery and it took 10 plagues for Pharaoh to finally let them go.  One of the things we learn about God is that he doesn’t bluff.  Francis Chan puts it this way “Just as god is faithful to keep his promises of blessings, he is also faithful to carry out his warnings of wrath.  This is important to keep in mind in a time when so many doubt and even ridicule God’s intention to punish.” (Multiply p.180)

This is who God is, he is faithful to carry out his plan of redemption and he is also faithful to punish those who don’t listen to his word, like the Pharaoh.  Our God doesn’t bluff.  He means what he says and says exactly what he means.


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