Year Resolution?

With the beginning of a new year most people tend to make resolutions (eat healthy, quit smoking, join a gym, lose weight, take a trip, etc).  Have you ever considered to work on your relationship with God during this new year?  By the end of January some of the resolutions have already been thrown out.  One reason I believe people quit their resolutions is that they didn’t want it that bad.  So ask yourself, how bad do I want it?  How bad do  I really want to work on my relationship with God?  Whatever resolutions you make this year, success will depend on how much you truly want it.

During black Friday some people sacrificed sleep, time and their bodies as they got up early and waited on line in front of a store, despite the cold weather, all because they really wanted to get that Xbox, or 50 inch TV.  This truly shows us that this is how much they truly wanted it.  Their action showed it.  So how much do you want it?


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