Examine Your Foundation

Examine your foundation
By Ysrael De la Cruz
The foundation is the footing, base, or understructure of a building. It is the base upon a house or building is established. The taller the building, the deeper the foundation. A worldview is the platform upon which you stand to make sense of the world. Your perspective is your worldview or outlook on the world. Everyone has one; this becomes your foundation which is made up of beliefs. For example, every nation, institution, movement, country was built on certain sets of teachings or beliefs (principles). “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” The declaration of independence is the foundation upon which this nation was built. The people who came up with these ideas are called “founding fathers”
Your beliefs are your foundation. In fact, everything you do; how you act is determined by your beliefs. Your actions are governed or ruled by what your belief.
Since our beliefs are the foundation of our lives, have you asked yourself what is it that you truly believe? Sometimes, there is a disconnection between what we profess to believe and how we act. what we claim to believe does not match our actions. Jesus had some strong words to say to people who claimed to be his followers. “Why do you call me Lord and don’t do what I say.?” Luke 6:46. They were calling Jesus Lord, but not practicing his teaching. Their actions were not matching their words.
When Jesus began to preach, large crowds followed him. He taught them about the kingdom of God and what was expected of those who would become his disciples. Matthew tells us about the so called “Sermon on the mountain” Matt.5-7 Jesus sat down and began to teach them. Everything you read in Matt.5, 6 and 7 is part of the sermon on the mountain. In Matt.7:24-29 we read the conclusion of his teaching.
Therefore, (adv: for that reason, consequently, so, as a result, thus).
Jesus tells a story to two builders to make a distinction between those who practice his teaching from those who don’t.
Therefore, everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them in practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.
Jesus tells us about two builders: one wise and one foolish
The smart builder: is the one who hears and practices Jesus’ teaching. (v.24) Jesus says that whoever hears and puts in practice his teaching is like a wise builder who built on a firm foundation, rock.

Every foundation is tested. The test determines how strong or secure the foundation is.
This foundation was tested (Just as everything you believe in is going to be tested. (v.25) The rain came down, the streams rose, and the wind beat against that house. The house was not destroyed because of its solid foundation. (Rocky foundation)

The foolish builder: (v.26)
-Everyone who hears Jesus’ teaching but does not put them in practice is likened to a foolish builder who built his house on a weak foundation. Sand.
His foundation was also tested (v.27) the rain, streams (floods) and the wind blew and beat against that house and it collapsed.

28 When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching. Because he taught as one who had authority and not as the teachers of the law (the scribes).

Jesus is challenging you this day to examine the type of foundation you are using . Upon what are you building your life? He is also giving us a firm foundation that would withstand any test or situation in life.
You build on a firm foundation when you practice Jesus’ teaching. When you apply his teachings to your life. Jesus is the rock on this story. Acts 4:11 He is the stone you builders rejected which has become the cornerstone. 1 Pet.2:6 For in Scripture it says: “See I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.” Peter quoted Isaiah 28:16 Therefore, this is what the Sovereign LORD says: “See I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts in will never be dismayed.”
To hear Jesus’ teaching and to put them in practice is to build on a firm foundation. This is the foundation that doesn’t crack when the storm hits.

When you only hear and don’t do what Jesus says, in other words, if you don’t practice Jesus’ teaching, then your foundation is weak and will not withstand the storm when it comes. When you only hear and do nothing about what you hear then you are fooling yourself. James, the half brother of Jesus said that you deceive yourself if you only listen to the word and do nothing. James 1:22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what is says.

Jesus had strong words to those who called him Lord and yet did not practice his teachings. Why do you call me Lord and do not do what I say?
To call Jesus Lord of our lives is to obey his teaching, to practice his teaching. This is how you build on a firm foundation. All foundations are tested by severe storms. Are you experiencing a storm right now? How are you holding on? Do you feel like you cannot hold on? Like you are about to crash? Time to examine your foundation.

Only Jesus will keep you strong during the struggles and storms of life. He is the firm foundation you need to live fearlessly and victorious in this life of chaos and uncertainty.


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