How do you fight your battles?


How do you fight your battle!

1 Samuel 17:32-40

By: Ysrael De la Cruz

Robin Williams said, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind always.”

Everyone is fighting a battle; We all face challenges in life that make us feel afraid, helpless, hopeless, to say the least.  At times these challenges get the best of us; stress and anxiety and insecurity.  This is how the first king of Israel felt for over a month; he faced a huge problem.  He did not know how to overcome it; he was afraid and the whole nation with him.  His problem was war against the Philistine, specifically a Philistine warrior named Goliath. Goliath taunted the nation of Israel for 40 days morning and evening.  Goliath’s words “Choose a man and have him come down to fight me”  (v.8-11)

King Saul did not know what to do.  No one was brave enough in Israel to go against this giant. He was not in the best emotional, psychological shape to lead a nation.

King Saul had created an incentive trying to motivate someone to fight Goliath. (v.25)Riches, Marriage the king’s daughter, tax exemption for the whole family

The king was afraid and the whole nation was afraid.

The Bible says that for forty days Goliath would come and challenge the army of Israel to send someone to fight him.  But no one was brave enough to do it. 1 Sam.17:16

On the 40th day, a young man named David came to the camp to visit his brothers and bring the supply.  He came at the time when both armies were lining up for battle.  Then Goliath came to insult the nation of Israel, but this time David heard it. (v.23)

David asked around “what will be done for the man who removes this disgrace from Israel? (v.26-28) Riches, the king’s daughter and tax exemption.

David said he would go and fight the giant. When David went to the king, he told the king not to worry for he would go and fight.

v.32( “David said to Saul, “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.”

When king Saul saw David, he saw disadvantage (v.33)

-You are only a boy (young man) and Goliath has been a soldier from his youth.

One thing the king did not know about David was his trust in the Lord. (v.34-37)

David is the only one brave enough to come against the giant.  Why? Because of his faith in Yahweh. The strength of your faith is revealed during adversity.  Never in times of peace.

David’s profile: (34-37) a shepherd who gave his life for his sheep fighting lions and bears. (34-37)  David recognized God’s deliverance in his own life; he had fought animals and he acknowledged the Lord gave him victory and the LORD would help him prevail against Goliath as well.  This is to trust in God. (God never fails and he won’t start now-Oceans)

David’s source of strength (Ps.18:2; 20:7)

King Saul agreed to let David go fight the giant.  (v.37-40) “Go and the LORD be with you.”

King Saul still thought David was not ready for a battle against Goliath. (vv.38-39)

Saul thought to fight a soldier, one must be dressed as a soldier. (He put a coat of armor on David and gave him a sword and a tunic.  At least David would look like a soldier.

In fighting your battle, you cannot pretend to be someone you are not.

David could not fight this battle as a soldier, he was not a soldier.  David was a shepherd.  So, he needed to fight this battle as a shepherd because this is who he was.

“I cannot go in these because I am not used to them.”  So, he took them off. (v.39-40)

Even though they all face the same challenge, you do not approach it the same way.  You cannot fight your battle like someone else would fight it because that is how they choose to fight it and you are not them.  If you are a mother you will have to fight the battle as a mother, as a father, a teacher, nurse; student; you will have to fight your battle as you are and not as someone else.  This is your battle now.  How are you going to fight it?

David chose to fight the battle his style-what he knew (v.40).  He was a shepherd and he went to fight as a shepherd, with his weapons that he knew. He took with him a staff, five smooth stones in his shepherd pouch and went to fight Goliath.

David did not pretend to be someone else or use someone else’ weapons or strategies to fight.  He went as a shepherd because that is who he was.  A shepherd with a huge trust and dependence of the LORD.

David’s reliance on God. (v.41-47) The giant came with all he had, but David came against the giant in the name of the LORD Almighty the God of the armies of Israel.

The LORD will hand you over to me and I will kill you. (v.46)

The world will know that there is a God

Everyone will know that God does not need a sword or spear to save.  The battle belongs to the LORD. It is God’s war and he will use your skills and weapons to win it.

David struck the Philistine on the forehead and the stone sank into his forehead. (v.50) David overcame the giant with a sling and a stone, without a sword in his hand.  The LORD gave David the victory.

How are you fighting your battle?

If you are a child of God, a follower of Jesus you should face your battle with courage because your faith is placed in him. Only God gives us the confidence to be brave when everyone else is panicking; you must remember that the LORD of heaven and earth fights on your behalf.  Your battles are his battles.  But he will not fight your battle when you are not willing to step up in faith.

-He will not fight on y our behalf when you are intimidated by giant; if you are fearful and show not trust in him you will not experience victory.  God expects you to be courageous in him to go and fight the battle in his name.  He will use you, whatever you must bring about victory.

David went with confidence because he trusted God; God gave David victory over his enemy.

God does not expect you to be someone else or fight like someone else, but he expects you to trust him and have confidence that he is Greater than anything you could possibly face. God always rewards trust and confidence in him.

Whatever comes your way, you must face it fearlessly in the name of Great God.

“You come against me with but I come against you in the Name of The LORD Almighty.

How are you fighting your battle?  His voice of truth says, do not be afraid.

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  1. Everyone you meet is battling something in life. How do you personally fight your battles?
    Learn how David fought his battle so you can have the same confidence in your fighting your own.

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