At SICC, we are committed to Loving God and Loving people.

At SICC we Love God by:

  • Being obedient to his word: we exist to accomplish Jesus’ mission as his agents of reconciliation in this world.
    2 Corinthians 5:16-21
  • Making and developing people into mature disciples of Jesus who would view themselves as missionaries in the culture.
    (Matthew 28:19-20  The Great Commission is our mission.)

At SICC we Love people by:

  • By serving them the way Jesus modeled it.
  • Connecting them to one another in community (church worship and small group studies and events)
  • Encouraging them to utilize their God-given abilities to build up the community.
  • Teaching people that worshiping God is a lifestyle, and not just a Sunday morning experience.

Jesus’ mission is our mission; we are to make disciples of anyone who does not know Jesus by baptizing them and teaching them God’s word.  Matthew 28:19-21