Being Missional!

This past Saturday a group of men from our church attended a men’s retreat in Tranquility NJ.  The theme was “Being Missional”  I know so many people cringe when they hear this word, but one of the definition is to live as missionary in the culture where we live.  I particularly like this definition because if we want to fulfill the mission Jesus left us, we must become missional in our approach.  Every follower of Christ must see themselves as missionaries where they live or where life takes them.

Jesus gives us several metaphors to help us understand our mission.  We are called Salt, Light and Witnesses.  Matt.5:13-16  You are the salt of the earth and you are the light of the world.  Later on we read in Acts 1:8 that Jesus told his followers that they will be his witnesses beginning in Jerusalem all the way to the remotest parts of the earth.

In our retreat we discussed what it means for us to be salt and light where we live and where we work or go to school.

Jesus calls us to be his representatives.  Paul talks about us being ambassadors for Christ.  This is who we are and we must be faithful to Christ’s mission.  He said that as the Father sent me, I am sending you.  John 20:21

How are you representing Christ in your community?  Remember you are called to be salt, light, witnesses, ambassadors.  This is what it means to be missional.


  1. I enjoyed the discussions, the singing, the fellowship, and the food at The Being Missional retreat. May the Lord help us to make application of what we heard, and may He bless your ministry brother Ysrael De La Cruz.

    • Thank you brother Rafael. It was truly a great blessing to many of us to be there that day. Thanks for your words and may God continue to bless your family and ministry.

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