Breaking the Mold

By Angela De la Cruz
I often wondered why God's sense of humor played out the opposite of "traditional" molds in my life.  I was 
confident growing up I would be married to someone who was in civil service of some kind, but I had made up my mind 
that I would not marry a Minister; I had seen the other side and didn't want any part of it.  Not
 too mention I definitely didn't fit the mold being portrayed in minister's wife material, my family will all testify to 
The mold being formed or sought after was mild, quiet, played the piano, maybe taught Sunday school, stayed home, 
always present at every church function....not my ideal in any sense and nothing I was or 
longed for....I definitely didn't fit this mold.  Oh, I would try for many years though, I worked outside of the home,
spoke my mind, and piano (in public anyway). I found myself forced to living in a
 "fishbowl" and I was miserable. Have you ever watched a lonely fish swim around a bowl?  What do you eventually 
think about while watching it swim?  Well, let me share my pending questions assuming you 
may not have had the opportunity to watch a lonely fish long enough to 
formulate your own.
I wonder what they think as I sit here & stare, occasionally tapping the glass? Do they wish I would go away, or 
just feed them and stop those silly tapping noises? Do they get bored? Do they feel limited in their small space? 
Do they wish their bowl was bigger, or included friends to swim with? Do they stare at me and wonder what it would 
be like to be free and living outside of their confines? 
Do they dream about any of those possibilities?  Or do they do what they do because they are fish and that's what 
fish do, no expectations, just doing what the Creator gave them to do?  Doing what their Creator 
gave them to do? Hmmmm. Let's dive into this idea, no pun intended.  
What has the Creator given you to do?  Unfair, I know. So, let's turn the 
question around.  What has the Creator given me, Angela, to do?  I could quickly list many things that I can do but, that doesn't correctly 
answer the question...only feels safer for the moment.  Are you following me?  We often give a list of what we already
do when asked what has God called or given you to do. Here within lies the problem, and I am rather confident 
that I do not stand alone in this, we have tethered ourselves to our lists of accomplishments, abilities/talents 
and assumed that is what God wanted us to do. In other words, this is my calling because it fits my set of 
gifts/abilities.  I dare step back and disagree, but I do.  I remember my momma reminding me about what 
happens when you assume has you and me looking like a 
biblical animal and it's not a lamb. (Look at the word "ASSume" and 
figure it out, or ask your momma.) I do agree that often our talents/abilities line up with our gifts. 
My disagreement comes when I feel God leading/guiding me into a ministry area that may use some of my gifts but more my talents and abilities for a particular season. Yet, 
how many of us start swimming in our comfy little fishbowls because we don't feel prepared, 
when really we don't feel comfortable in what we know we are being asked to do?  
Listen, if God is calling you, You ARE prepared because it will not be of your own strength by which you 
fulfill this calling.  However, insert warning here!  Before jumping out of your fishbowl make sure this 
calling is from God and not your own desire for selfish gain. Tough to hear, I know.  Share your thoughts 
with your spouse and another trusted prayer warrior.  Have them along with you pray for confirmation 
regarding the ministry change or start up.  If you all end up on the same page, chances are this is the 
direction you should continue on..


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