Redefine our theological beliefs

Today more than ever, there is a need to redefine our theological beliefs.  Most of us grew up believing certain things, which were passed from generation to generation, without even knowing if these things are true.  We never question those beliefs, we just believe them as true, but we may not even know why we believe them.  There are people who think that if they truly believe something deep down in their hearts, it becomes true.

We have people believing things without first doing their research or applying simple logic to what they claim to believe.  We know beliefs are the foundation for everything we do.  We get our beliefs from society, media, religion, philosophy, culture, etc.  As disciples of Jesus we need to know what we believe and then stand up for such beliefs.  There is a need to go back to the basic in order to redefine our beliefs; we must go back to the Bible, God’s word and authority.  It’s God who determines what we must believe and what to refuse.  It’s God, but man!  In our society today man is the one determining what is right and wrong.

We live in a society today where God’s own authority is not valued, instead, God’s Word is being attacked by those who want to do their own things.  People want to eliminate things from the Bible because it doesn’t support their claims or their lifestyle.  The Bible is God’s final authority and we must heed to it; it is what calibrates our own beliefs.  Even in the evangelical arena there are people who call themselves followers of Christ, but their beliefs and worldviews don’t reflect the sound teachings of the Bible.  Fracis Chan put it this way. “There are many people who truly believe in their hears that they are followers of Christ but their lives don’t even look like his.”

More than ever, we need to know the word of God, the Bible in order for us to know what is true and what is not.  How will you distinguish sound biblical teaching from false teachings today?  You must know God’s Word. There is no substitute!



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