I am a Christian, but don’t go to church that much!

It’s interesting that there are so called “Christian” people in our world that believe in their heart they are Christians, but their lives don’t reflect the fruit of a Christian as we read it in the Bible.  The first Christians were committed to the teachings of Christ and to being together (fellowship) as well as prayer. Acts 2:42  Christianity in America doesn’t look anything like what we read in the Bible.  People today don’t want to be committed to the teachings of Jesus and lots of Christians have been ignoring the church fellowship.  Why is it that we get so busy with so much in our lives, but neglect the things that truly matter?  It seems to me that there are lots of people claiming to be Christ’s followers and don’t see the need to be connected to a body of believers on a regular basis.

The Bible is very clear in telling followers of Jesus to be connected in fellowship and to continue to grow in the knowledge of Jesus.  How will you grow on your own?  Without the study of God’s Word? without being surrounded by other believers?

Christ didn’t call us to follow him when it’s convenient, when we have time.  In fact he told some people not to even bother following him if they were not truly committed. (Luke9:61-62).  If we are not going to strive to be like our Lord and Master, if we are not going to follow his teachings, then we should not call ourselves Christians.  Jesus’ disciples were given the name Christians (Acts 11:26).  Are you a disciple of Jesus today?


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