Watch out for Wolves in Sheep’s clothing.

Flock is one of the metaphors we find in the Bible to refer to the church.  If the church is a flock, the leaders are known as “shepherds” (pastors)  Acts 20:28-31  The shepherds are responsible to care and protect the flock.  When Paul addressed the elders of the church in Ephesus, he told them to keep watch over themselves and the flock of which the Holy Spirit made them overseers to shepherd and care for God’s church.  Paul also warned them about “wolves” that will come in and attack the flock (church); some of these wolves may even be in the church already.

The wolves will come to scatter the sheep and destroy them.  Shepherds must battle wolves in their protecting the sheep.  How would you recognize the wolves? Jesus called false prophets “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” (Matt.7:15)  Therefore, it may be hard to spot the wolves since they may look like sheep.  However, Jesus said that they can be recognized by their fruit. (their action or deeds).  The passage in Acts 20:28-31 guides us into how to spot the wolves that may already be in our churches.

How can you spot wolves in sheep’s clothing?
-They promote their own agenda rather than God’s kingdom agenda.
-They lie (twist the truth) for the purpose of gaining followers. Acts 20:31
-They don’t care about church unity. Their goal is to create division, scatter the sheep.
-They don’t teach or preach the truth. (Jesus calls them false prophets. Matt.7:15)

Leaders must be aware that as shepherds, God has called them to protect and care for the flock.  Paul’s admonition was to be on guard for those wolves.  Every church has them.  Spot them and confront them.


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