Stop Eating Spiritual Junk Food

Junk food is defined as food that has low nutritional value; it may be very appealing and enjoyable, but not nutritious.  A diet of junk food will be disastrous in someone’s life.  There are lots of Christians who are just eating “spiritual junk food” and they wonder why their faith is anemic.  In order to grow and mature in your faith, you must stop eating “spiritual junk food” because it will not develop you into a healthy disciple.

A lot of Christians are substituting the true nutrients of God’s word, the Bible, for other things (spiritual junk food).  Only God’s word will provide you the nutrients you need to grow and develop as a mature disciple.

This is what I mean by spiritual junk food:

When Christians make a fellowship meeting they attend, or conference, church event, concerts, etc the main entree for their spiritual nourishment. Then they are eating junk food.  Don’t get me wrong, these things are great for supplementing your faith.  Moreover, Christians should attend these events, but never treat them as the main dish for spiritual growth.  I have been to all of these activities mentioned above and I see the value they have as supplements for my faith; but not as the main spiritual dish.  These things are great to challenge us to go deeper in our faith, but how many of our church activities and programs actually challenge us to go deeper?  How many of them have become deluded?  How many of these activities just become social gatherings with little or no spiritual nutrition?  When the main reason for going to a conference is to hang out with other Christians, rather than to hear God’s word proclaimed and being challenged by it, then you are eating spiritual junk food.

We must understand that nothing we do in church replaces the true source of nutrients found in the word of God.  When you replace hearing God’s word and studying it for something else, then you are eating spiritual junk food.  There are Christians who have lost the cravings for God’s word due to their extravagant diet of junk food.  The apostle Peter said that we are to crave the spiritual milk (God’s word) so that by it we may grow in our salvation.  1 Pet.2:2

We must stop eating junk food because nothing should replace God’s word in our lives.  It is his word (his teaching, his instructions) that will grow us, correct us, rebuke us and train us in righteousness.  So that we become thoroughly equipped to do his works.  2 Tim.3:16

It is time to make a commitment to eating healthy, spiritually speaking.  Are you craving God’s word?


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