Sermons on Relationship

God Came Near!

God came near! Gen.3:8-10// John 1:14 By Ysrael De la Cruz There are so many means of communications; people use all kinds of devices to communicate with others, radio, phone, letters, text, facetime, etc. face to face communication. Nothing replaces face to face communication. Communication is a very important thing; a relationship would not thrive…

Examine Your Foundation

Examine your foundation Matt.7:24-29 By Ysrael De la Cruz The foundation is the footing, base, or under structure of a building.  It is the base upon a house or building is established. The taller the building, the deeper the foundation.  A worldview is the platform upon which you stand to make sense of the world. …

How Bad Do You Want It

At the beginning of the year people tend to make resolutions; pledges or plans they would like to achieve.  These are things they have been thinking about but have never been able to accomplish.  People talk about quitting smoking, losing weight they gained during the holidays, eating healthier, taking on a new hobby, working on their relationship, going on vacation, etc.  How many of us would include in our list growing in in your relationship with Christ?