Sermons on Dicsipleship

Understanding our God-Given Mission Part 2

If we truly wish to understand our mission as followers of Jesus, we must take a closer look at Jesus and how he reached people.  Last week we talked about how Jesus is calling everyone to follow him, to become his disciple.  Jesus’ first disciples were fishermen.  Jesus said follow me and I will make teach you to catch people.  Jesus calls people to follow him and to learn from him how to reach others with the message of the gospel.

The Cost of Discipleship

There are a great number of people who claim to be Christians or followers of Christ, who think they can follow Jesus in their own way, in their own terms. This is the kind of people that Kyle Idleman calls “fans” of Jesus, not followers of Jesus. Francis Chan says it this way. “There are people who truly believe to be followers of Jesus but their lives look nothing like His”