Contentment is the inner joy or peace that doesn’t depend on our circumstances, but on our relationship with God.  We struggle with being content in our society.  Most people think that in order for them to be happy they have to accomplish things in life or have more money, etc.  We live in our society where most people are discontented with their jobs, marriages, churches, etc.  People think that happiness or contentment is something one pursues.  However, contentment is an attitude once must choose to have.  The person in the Bible who can teach us about contentment wrote about it from a prison cell as he waited his execution.  He claimed to have learned the secret of contentment.  Paul said, I have learned to be content in any situation in life.  This man found contentment because he relied on Jesus Christ.  He said “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” Php.4:13.

When a person gets to know God and his power then such person will learn to be content in any situation in life.  Contentment comes from knowing God is powerful and in control of any situation we experience in life and he will give us the strength to endure whatever comes our way.  True contentment comes from knowing Christ.


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