Sermons on Hebrews

Running with Perseverance

During the Olympics, athletes represent their nations or countries.  These nations send their best athletes in their discipline to compete and bring honor to their nations.  Following Jesus is spoken of in Scripture as entering into race.  The moment you agreed to be a follower of Jesus, you enter that race.  The Christian life is a race; at times you may feel very good in how you run and progress in your walk; but at times it turns out to be very difficult and the temptation to quit or give up will always be there.  Perhaps you know people who stopped running their race;

God’s Final Word

There are so many means of communications; people use all kinds of devices to communicate with others, radio, phone, letters, symbols, text, face to face communication.  Communication is a very important thing; a relationship would not thrive if there is not good communication.  With all the technological gadgets and developments, we have today, you can communicate with someone across the globe; Seeing soldiers wish Merry Christmas to their families via a phone or computer camera.  Nevertheless, nothing replaces face to face interaction; to see the person in front of you is priceless.

God’s Ultimate Communication

To communicate is the act or process of using words, sounds, signs or behavior to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc to someone else.
With the creation of the internet, technology, we have means of communication at our disposal by a click of a button. With all the technological advancements you would think that it would be impossible for us to miscommunicate or miss the message. But we do it all the time.
Since the beginning of time, God has been communicating with mankind. God has sent messages regarding his plan for us; his plan for the world. However, some people have tried to twist what God has said, others completely ignore it; some emphatically receive it and do what he says.

Move on to Maturity

When a baby is born the mother feeds him/her milk. Milk is the main food that provides the nutrients necessary for the baby to grow. However, there will be something really wrong if all you feed the baby is milk when he is 2 years of age, 4, 6 etc. When a person becomes a Christian Scripture calls this process a new birth. Just like a new born baby, we too are given milk to drink when we are infants in the faith. The Hebrews to whom the book of Hebrews is addressed never got beyond the infant stage of their faith. This is not a unique phenomenon; here in the 21 century we have Christians who are still in the kindergarten stage of their faith and they seem to be content there; they seem not to be bothered by it. If you are 10 years of age, 15, 30, 60 and you are still in kindergarten not even the chair fits you anymore.

Run with Perseverance

As followers of Jesus we know that it’s a joy to be a disciple of Jesus; however, this doesn’t mean that everything will go well with us in this life. To follow Jesus is spoken of in Scripture as a race you enter in. At times you may feel very good in how you run and progress in your walk; but at times it turns out to be very difficult and the temptation to quit or give up will always be there. Perhaps you know people who stopped running their race; they stopped following Jesus because it got too difficult. Where do you find the motivation, to continue running your race for God? When do you get encouragement and strength to run? The author of Hebrews wrote to Christians who were going through lots of trials and persecution; their being Christians cost them their very lives. He encouraged them to keep themselves focused on running their race. He exhorted them to persevere.

Jesus, the Anchor For our Soul

It’s been 15 years since life in America changed; some of you still remember what you were doing when you saw or heard the news that our country was under attack. This event hit us to the core, it affected our economy, travel, security infrastructure; it created a lot of changes in the way we do life in our nation and how we look at the world in general. Things have never been the same. Sometimes you are hit with situations that shake you at the core of your existence; you may not even know how you will be able to move forward in life. Where do you run? To whom do you turn? What do you do when you feel hopeless, defenseless?