Sermons on Joshua

Taking Inventory

Every year businesses across the world take inventory to check what they have; they evaluate the products, goods, items etc. At the beginning of each year people tend to make resolutions, which in a sense is the way they make inventory of what they would like to do in the New Year. A new year just began; it will bring to us its challenges and struggles. Have you taken an inventory of your life? What you did and what you’d like to do?

Mighty Men of the King

Some of us love watching movies, there are different genres of movies: drama, comedy, action, horror, science fiction, etc. The Bible has different genres as well and within these genres you find, drama, comedy, action, horror, romance, etc. I love those movies that have a hero who comes and saves the day. People like Braveheart, Jack Bauer; Jason Bourne. Detective John Mclean among others.