Sermons on Faith

Faithful Stewards of God

Part of being a kingdom person in this world is to be faithful stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us. When Jesus started his earthly ministry; he began to preach “repent, the kingdom of God is near” (Matt.4:17). Jesus taught many things concerning the kingdom of heaven in the gospel according to Matthew. Through his teachings, we can understand better what the kingdom is all about and the role we play as part of it.

God’s Faithfulness through Hardships

Life is about joy and sadness, success and failure, encouragement and disappointments. Sickness and health. Following Jesus is not for the fainthearted; the enemy will tempt you to stop running your race. You will be tempted to quit and if you have not learned to deal with disappointment you will throw the towel and quit. Serving God will bring you moments of loneliness and disappointments. The apostle Paul can tell us about disappointments in ministry and how he dealt with it. How do we cope with disappointments?

Do You Truly Love Me

Peter had made a promise to Jesus that he wasn’t able to fulfill. He promised Jesus to never abandon him even if the other disciples would. That Friday morning, as Jesus was being taken to the authorities. Peter denied Jesus three times. He swore to have never known him. Jesus was killed and all the expectations and dreams the disciples had about him were shattered by a cross. The disciples didn’t expect the resurrection,

The Danger of Unbelief

Last week we talked about the idea of faith, how to believe or trust is evident; it is proved by your actions. Where James, the brother of Jesus, teaches us that faith without action is dead. Jesus always applauded people’s faith or trust in him. People’s faith in Jesus was based on what they already knew about him. They had the confidence that Jesus was the one who could fix their problem. Jesus commended those who showed faith, but reprimanded those who showed lack of faith. O you of little faith, why did you doubt.

True Faith is Evident

Everyone claims to believe in something or someone; however, at times, such claim doesn’t match the actions. Faith is defined by Webster as a strong belief or trust in someone or something. A system of religious beliefs.
Faith, biblically speaking is: belief, trust or even confidence in someone or something. Faith is never portrayed as a religious system in Scripture. Jesus never said to someone, your religious system has made you well. Nevertheless, there is a great number of people who understand faith today as a system or religion. They would ask you: what faith do you belong to? Meaning what religious institution are you affiliated with? When the Bible talks about someone having faith, it refers to someone trusting, believing or having confidence in someone or something. Everyone believes or trusts; you can tell whether someone truly believes or not.

Lord, Help Me Overcome Unbelief

We talked about following Jesus as a race in which at times you truly progress; however, sometimes you feel as though you are moving backward. It’s easy to believe when things go well in your life, when you have “mountain top” experiences; when you feel closer to God; however, it is in the valley moments, those times when you are not in control that we tend to doubt God; for some it is during trials, suffering and turmoil that they question God. I think is safe to say that the majority of us at one time or another have struggled with trusting God wholeheartedly; perhaps you are truly wrestling right now with doubts and unbelief. How can you overcome these struggles?

Supplementing Your Faith

Most of us or most people take supplements; a supplement is something that is added to something in order to make it complete. There are all kinds of supplements, hair loss, for losing weight; to enhance performance; to fight anxiety, and so forth.
The Bible tells us about some supplements we are to add to our faith. As followers of Jesus, we also may experience deficiency in our walk, in our faith or even in the knowledge of how to live for God in a hostile world. God has given us everything we need to continue to grow in him, but sometimes we feel we may not be growing at the rate we want, because we have not added these supplements to our faith in Jesus.

Faith, dead or alive

For us Christian, there should be a connection between our beliefs and the way we live. I believe this is one of those things wrong with Christianity today. I may say it’s important, I may say I value certain things but if you don’t see me acting or living out those things I value then, it’s not true. What you say you believe should be reflected (seen) in the way you live.