God’s faithfulness


God’s faithfulness

Jeremiah 29:1-14

By Ysrael De la Cruz

I would like to remind you today of God’s faithfulness.  God is always faithful and I want to remind you of that since we are living in trying times; in the midst of a pandemic; we are on the verge of a very important election for our country.  There are people who do not know what they would do if their political candidate does not get elected.  Remember God is always faithful no matter the situation or circumstances you may be experiencing.  Whoever ends up winning the election this week, remember, God is faithful and will accomplish his will no matter who gets elected.

I hope and pray you do not lose sight of the fact that God is in control and will carry out his plan in his time.

God is true to his word.

God had made a promised to his people that if they continued in their idolatry and refusing to hear his word, He would send them into captivity.  In the Spring of 597 BC a Babylonian King named Nebuchadnezzar besieged the city of Jerusalem and took captives more than 10, 000 Jews; he also took the gold from God’s temple.(2 Kings 24:10-17)

You may wonder why God allowed his people to suffer like this.  The answer is because they disobeyed God’s commandments and did not listen to the prophets God sent to warn them.  The captivity was God’s punishing his people for their rebellion.  God is true to his word.  He told them this would happen if they did not change and it came to pass.  The exile or captivity is a testimony to God’s justice.

There was a prophet in Jerusalem who was saw the deportation of God’s people to Babylon.  The LORD gave him a message for those who were taken prisoner to Babylon.  Jeremiah sent a letter with a message from Yahweh to them.

Jeremiah 29:1-15

Verse 2 gives us the context when this letter was written. After king Jeconiah (Jehoiachin) and his mother, the queen were taken prisoner to Babylon.  This was the spring of 597 BC (2 Kings 24:10-17; 2 Chro.36;8-10)

Zedekiah ruled instead of Jehoiachin.  Zedekiah sent the letter with Elasah and Gemariah. (v.3)

No sooner were God’s people deported; than God had already sent the answer on their way.  This is a testimony to his faithfulness.

Here is what the letter said: (v.4-14)

This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel says to those I sent into exile.

Do not stop living. (build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat their produce.  Get married; have sons and daughters. Give your sons and daughters in marriage there.  Multiply there and do not decrease.  Do not stop living but Grow where you are planted

Seek the welfare of the city where you live. Pray for the city for if it prospers, then you will prosper as well.

Do not listen to false prophets and dreamers. (prophets and diviners)  There were prophets and diviners prophesying and telling people their dreams, but they were not sent by God himself.  They were deceiving the people.  Anyone who in the name of God would tell you things against God’s word or his message, do not listen to them, they are false prophets.

The captivity would last 70 years (v.10)

God promises restoration (v.10)

God still had plans for his people even after they lived in captivity.  Plans for good and not harm; plans for a bright future.

After the restoration (v.12)

-You will call on me and pray to me and I will hear you. (v.12)

-You will seek me and find me, and you seek me with all your heart.

-I will be found by you and restore your fortunes and father you from all the nations where I have driven you.

I will bring you back to the land from which I sent you into exile. (v.14)

God promises restoration for his people after 70 years of captivity.

God’s faithfulness is evident in his dealing with his people.  He sent his people into captivity due to their rebellion.  God punishes and disciplines his children when they rebel against him.

This was his will for his people due to their sinful behavior.

Some people may think that our country will go into captivity if this man wins.  However, even in captivity God is still faithful to his promises. He told them to live and thrive where they were sent. Do not stop living even if your circumstances change. Seek the welfare of the city and pray for the wellbeing of the city and your country.  God is faithful in any situation we may find ourselves in

God promised restoration to his people and he accomplished it.  He still has plans for you where you are and where life may take you.  No matter the situation, God has plans for his people.

God used the Babylonians to teach a lesson to his people who were in rebellion.

Whatever situation you are in right now,  understand that God knows, and he is faithful to change the outcome.  God is always faithful, even when he sends us into captivity for a time.  He is true to his word.  He is faithful to bring his people back to restoration.  He has told us how we can be restored: We must heed his word, his instructions.  He is asking his people to humble themselves before him, to truly seek him with all their hearts and to stay away from our sinful ways.  Then he promises to hear, heal, and forgive our land.  He is faithful to his word.  This is what the LORD Almighty says.



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