Making a Kingdom Impact

Making a kingdom impact
Matthew 5:13-16
By: Ysrael De la Cruz
Many times, as followers of Jesus, we may be confused about what our mission in the world is. We may not truly understand the mission to which God is calling us in the world. What is the church to do in this world? What are you and I supposed to do as we wait for the return of Jesus to establish his kingdom?
Jesus was on missions; he lived to fulfill his mission and he charged his followers to carry on his mission. Each of the gospel writers concludes with Jesus sending his followers as missionaries in the world.
As the Father sent me, I am sending you. John 20:21
Luke 24:47 Repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem.
Mark 16:15 Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.
Matthew 28:19 Go and make disciples of all nations.
Jesus called his followers to make a difference in the world. According to the gospel of Matthew, during his first sermon (at the very beginning of his ministry) Jesus called his followers to a mission. Jesus called them to make a difference in the world. And he did this by two metaphors or illustrations (Salt and light)
You are the salt of the earth (v.13)
Salt was very valuable in the ancient world. Roman soldiers received their wages in salt. (This is where we get our word salary. The Greeks considered salt to be divine. The Mosaic Law required that all offerings presented by the Israelites contain salt. (Lev. 2:13) The disciples clearly understood this metaphor of salt of the earth.
What are some of the characteristics of salt?
-It enhances flavor
-Contains healing properties
-Creates thirst
-It stops decay (it is a preservative) Salt for Flavor and as a preservative (to stop decay) would be the two obvious meanings Jesus’ audience would have understood from this illustration. This society in which there was not refrigeration. They would catch the fish and salt it to keep it from going bad; they would preserve food with salt.
Jesus is calling his followers to bring flavor to this world; to be preservatives in this world by stopping the moral decay of sin. Jesus is saying you are the flavor of this world. You are what keeps the world from decaying.

Caution: But if the salt loses its saltiness; it is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled by people.
Have you lost your saltiness? Your flavor in this world?
• Christians who do not bring good flavor in the world.
• Christians who no longer act as preservative in the world.
• Christians who succumb to the ways of the world.
• Christians who no longer make a kingdom impact in the world.
• Christians who do more harm than good to the cause of the gospel.

We are not fulfilling our calling in this world. We no longer make a difference in the world. When Jesus calls you to be salt, he is calling you to make a kingdom impact in the world; just like salt affects food seasoning and preserving it, we are to do the same in this world.

You are the light of the world (v.14)
A city on a hill cannot be hidden.
When people light a lamp, they do it to illuminate where they are.
Go back to that time in which people did not have electricity. Light drives out darkness.
Light is attractive and Jesus is calling his followers to let their light shine; to shine in the world. You shine the light or drive out darkness in this world by doing good works. By your good actions you shine the light. The Bible calls those who believe in Jesus children of light.
Eph.5:8-9 for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light 9(for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true)
The fruit of light is found in all that is good, right and true. This is how Christians shine their light in this world. Expel the darkness because you no longer live in it. You are light and you are to make a difference everywhere you go. Just like light affects the darkness, you are to affect this world making a kingdom impact for Jesus. Are you making an impact with your actions everywhere you go?
Jesus calls his followers to make a kingdom impact in this world by being salt and light.

The metaphors of salt and light specifically addressed the impact God’s people should have in the world. It should preserve and illuminate. Like both salt and light, our relationship with God should have an obvious impact on everyone we come in contact with. Jesus is calling us to have an influence everywhere we go. To make a difference in this world, to make a kingdom impact. How are you doing as salt and light?


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