Our Faith Foundation

Our Faith Foundation
1 Corinthians 15:12-22

Everyone believes in something or someone; our beliefs are the foundation in our lives, for what we do is driven by what we believe; in fact our values flow from those things we believe.  We believe consciously (intentionally) or unconsciously (mechanically).  However, you must understand that something is not true, just because you believe it to be true. (Albert Einstein: Just because you believe in something does not mean that it is true.”)  Nothing is false just because you believe is false.  Sometimes on tv, I hear people claim, “well the supernatural world doesn’t exist, because I don’t believe it.”  I have heard also “he is in a better place now.”  How do you know that?  Your believing doesn’t make it true, the same way your denying it makes it false.  There are people who believe something just because it makes them feel good about themselves.  Beliefs must be tested and examined.  Your beliefs must be based on facts, not feelings or sentiment.
If beliefs are foundations, there are people using all types of foundations.  Some of their foundations don’t withstand the test; they crack when the storm hits.
How do you know your faith in Christ is true? Remember your faith is not true, but because you believe it is true.  You have to have concrete evidence. The whole world agree that Jesus Christ existed; that he was a Jewish rabbi who walked the earth as a prophet.  We even learn from history how Christ died, death by crucifixion.  Most people would agree with this, but they tend to refute the fact of the resurrection.  People thought that everything about Jesus ended with his death. Even his own disciples thought everything ended at his death.  Three days after his death, Jesus got up from the grave.  It is that fact that makes Christianity possible.  IF Jesus had not risen people would not be talking about him two thousand years later.

It is the true foundation of our faith in Christ.
We must define what the gospel is first.  Jesus sent his followers to preach or announce the gospel or good news.  Mark 16:15 (go and preach the good news to all creation whoever believes and is baptized will be saved. // Matt.28:19 go and make disciples of all people groups.
After Jesus resurrected his followers began to preach the gospel.
I Cor.15:1-11 Here are the words of someone who didn’t believe Jesus until he himself had an encounter with the risen Lord.
– The gospel I preached to you.  This gospel saves people if they hold firmly to it.
     – Christ died for our sins -according to the Scriptures,
     – Christ was buried and raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,
     – Christ’s appearances. (6)  To Peter and the Twelve. V.5
     – To more than 500 of the brothers (most of whom were alive when Paul wrote this letter) v.6
     – To James (Jesus’ brother) v.7
     – To Paul v.8

 The gospel is not good news without the resurrection of Jesus.  There are people today who preached Jesus dead, not risen from the dead.
Christianity without the resurrection is useless.  This is the point Paul makes in verses 12-22
If we preached that Christ has been raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead?
If Christ has not been raised, our message is useless and our faith because we believe in a dead messiah.  Christ’ resurrection is what gives meaning to our message and our hope. (13-14)
     – Without the resurrection the apostles would have been found to be false witnesses. (v.15-16)

The apostles were all brought before ruling courts in the just month after the resurrection.  The governing authority tried to silence them about the resurrection, but the apostles told them, we cannot stop telling you what we have seen and heard.  They were eye witnesses of the fact that Jesus rose from the grave.  The apostles suffered and died because of the preaching of the gospel.  They could not deny what they witnessed
If the resurrection didn’t happen the apostles are false witnesses.  They would have been found liars but they weren’t.

If the resurrection didn’t happen your faith is useless and also you are still in your sins. (v.17)  This means, that the hope of salvation for the world wasn’t possible.  Being in our sins makes us enemies of God deserving his wrath and not his blessing.
If Christ didn’t rise, then everyone who dies is lost (v.18) even those who believe in him.
If our hope is only based on the here, and now then Paul says we ought to be pitied. (v.19) Our hope would be just temporary; everything will end at death.  The hope in Christ is not just some temporary fix; it is eternal.  This hope is bigger than our present circumstances, issues and struggles we may have.  What makes this hope possible?  His resurrection.

V.20 But Christ has indeed been raised from the death, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep.
Death came because of man, so the resurrection of the dead comes through another man. Christ.  Jesus is the first harvest or those who will come to life.
Just as in the first man (Adam) all die, so in Christ (2md Adam) all will be made alive.
Jesus gives us hope in this life and the life to come all because he rose from the dead.  He overcame death and now those who believe in him don’t have to fear death and judgment all because he conquered and those who are his will conquer as well.
You can live life with purpose and victoriously because your Redeemer lives.
Because he live, you can face tomorrow.  Life is worth living all because he lives.  This is the only foundation that doesn’t crack.


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