Don’t be Deceived!

Don’t be deceived!
By: Ysrael De la Cruz
At the beginning of the pandemic, I was able to witness many so called “prophets” come out to predict what the Lord was telling American through the worldwide epidemic of Covid 19. Some even got so bold as to cursing the virus and sending it to hell. Some began to quote Bible verses in their attempt to show that Lord would protect them through the pandemic. Now with the covid vaccine, there are so many who would not even think about taking the vaccine because they believe is the mark of the beast. If it were truly the mark of the beast then the tribulation has started. More than ever, Christians need to know what they believe and why they believe. The Bible constantly warns God’s people to not be deceived by what they witness around them.
God is powerful! And yes, he can keep us safe through the pandemic, but he could also use the pandemic to wake us up, to strengthen our faith. It may be his will that we experience hardships during this time in order that we truly learn to depend on him. Therefore, then we could learn to be content in every situation, just as the apostle Paul learned. Php.4:11-13
I have witnessed firsthand someone pretending to be a prophet, operating on dreams and visions, which truly did not come from God. None of the things the person predicted came to pass. Obviously, God did not reveal anything to that person. You must be careful who you listen to. God has already revealed his plan and will in the pages of the Bible. We just must read it and study it, so we learn to discern what it is from God and what it isn’t.
Paul warned the elders of the church in Ephesus to keep watch over themselves and of the church because even from within the church people would rise to twist the truth to gain followers (Acts 20). These types of people are wolves in sheep-clothing. We must be aware of them. Watch for those who are about their own agendas, rather than God’s kingdom agenda. Beware of those who create division in the church and chaos in the lives of other believers. God is a God of peace and unity. Therefore, do not be deceived!


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