Stop eating just Spiritual junk food

Junk food is defined as food that has low nutritional value; it may be very appealing and enjoyable, but not nutritious.  A diet of junk food will be disastrous in someone’s life.  There are lots of Christians, especially in America who are just eating “spiritual junk food” and they wonder why their faith is anemic.  In order to grow and mature in your faith, you must stop eating just spiritual junk food.

A lot of Christians have replaced the true nutrients of God’s word, the Bible for spiritual junk food.  Only God’s word will provide you the nutrients you need to develop you into a mature disciple.

There are people that they think they are ok spiritually, just because they attended a fellowship meeting, (they treat this meeting as their main course); if this is all they eat, their faith will be weak.

-Attending conferences, camps etc.  These things are great for encouragement and challenges; however, as a Christian if you only depend on these for growth, you are eating spiritual junk food

We must understand that nothing we do in church replaces the true source of nutrients found in the word of God.  When you replace hearing God’s word and studying it for something else, then you are eating spiritual junk food.

There are people eating so much spiritual junk food and have become malnourished as a result of that.

In order for you to mature in your faith, you must spend quality time in God’s word, you have to know it.


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