Sermons on Ephesians

Building up Christ’s Church

Building Up The Church

When a church closes its doors or no longer functions as a beacon of light for Jesus; it makes me wonder upon which foundation was such church built.  When Jesus said he would build his church, he also made the promise that it will transcend time, not even the forces of evil will overpower it.
The church began with the preaching of the apostles and prophets, as Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.

When God Builds up His Church

Every house or building begin with a foundation; they are as strong as their foundation.
The Bible tells us that Jesus promised to build his church and that the gates of Hell would not overcome it.  Matt.16:18. The church belongs to Jesus because he is his architect, engineer, designer.  It was his idea to build it.   Have you ever wondered how Jesus began to build his church?  What did he do to build it?

Saved by Grace – What does that Mean?

Today I would like to talk about another word we Christians throw around a lot and at many times, we don’t quite understand its meaning.  It is the word “grace.”  We hear things like you are saved by grace and there’s nothing you could have done.  Salvation is a gift, that you don’t deserve it.  Just as we spent time last week looking at God’s love and what we mean when we say it’s unconditional, today I want us to spend some time looking at God’s grace.  What is it?  What do we mean when we say we are saved by grace?

Living As Kingdom People

“There are people who claim to be followers of Christ, but their lives look nothing like his” Francis chan. A Christian is a person who transitions from death into life and from darkness into light. How should we then live now that we have chosen to follow Christ? We are to live as kingdom people. We have learned that a kingdom person is characterized by humility, forgiveness and a kingdom mindset. Paul writes a letter to a church to remind Christians how they are to live in the world.

Being Ready For War

Before an army goes to war against another, it studies the enemy to see how it can defeat it. Sport teams do the same thing; they analyze and study another team strengths and weaknesses in order to defeat it in the competition. You and I are in the battlefield; we are at war. The moment you chose to pledge your allegiance to Christ, you enter into this conflict, this war. As Christians, we need to know our enemy in order to prevail against its attacks.
The apostle Paul wrote a letter to a church in Ephesus, one of those churches he planted in his missionary endeavors.