Sermons on Matthew (Page 2)

Kingdom Focus

Kingdom Focus Matthew 3:2 //4:17 By Ysrael De la Cruz With everything that is going on in the world, in our nation, even in our own lives.  It is easy to lose focus of what truly matters.  Amid confusing times, chaos and on the brink of a presidential election, it is easy to lose our…

Examine Your Foundation

Examine your foundation Matt.7:24-29 By Ysrael De la Cruz The foundation is the footing, base, or under structure of a building.  It is the base upon a house or building is established. The taller the building, the deeper the foundation.  A worldview is the platform upon which you stand to make sense of the world. …

Being a Kingdom Person

Being a kingdom person Being a kingdom person.  Matt.18:1-4 By: Ysrael De la Cruz We began to talk about the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus inaugurated this kingdom when he came to earth and began preaching “repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matt.4:17) We talked about that the Sovereign reign of Christ is…

True Worship

Every Sunday we gather here for worship.  Churches across the country and around the world meet together to worship.  Many people may attend church, but only a few worships or at least understand the true meaning of worship.  Worship is one of those words we throw around in church a lot, but many times we don’t clearly understand what worship is about. How do you know when you are truly worshiping God?

The Danger of Unbelief

Last Sunday I preached about the question “who is Jesus?” A question every follower of Jesus must be able to respond biblically.  Studies have been conducted which reveal the sad truth that our Christian faith is shifting in this country.  There is a disconnection in what we say we believe and how we live.  The Barna Research Group conducted a study in 2009 which reveals how the faith of many professed Christians has changed throughout the years.

A Dangerous Question

Throughout centuries people have wrestled with the identity of Jesus.  The question “who is Jesus?” has puzzled many great minds for centuries.  Some people have viewed Jesus as a prophet, a great teacher.  Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet like Muhammad; Jehovah Witnesses believe Jesus was a created angel (Michael the archangel).  Mormons believe Jesus was Lucifer’s brother.  Scientologists believe Jesus was a great teacher who taught us how to be spiritually advanced.  Who do you believe Jesus is?

Authentic Worship

Every Sunday we gather here for “Worship.” Churches around the world meet together to worship. But the reality is that many attend church services, but only a minority worships or at least understands worship. Worship is one of those words we throw around in church a lot, but many times we quite don’t understand what worship is. How do you know you have worshiped God? How do you know you are truly worshiping God?

The Church Matters

Maybe you have heard people say that they love Jesus, but don’t like the church. There are people who think they can have a relationship with Jesus apart from his church. They want to love Jesus and believe in him but don’t want anything to do with the church. The sad reality is that according to the Bible, this sentiment goes against God.

Don’t Worry Trust God

At one time or another we have experience worries or anxiety in our lives.
A lot of things can cause you to worry: Threat, unmet expectations, fear of the unknown; etc.
Some of you here today may be experiencing anxiety right now because of a situation or circumstance you’re in.  Jesus has a message for you today; he wants to show you how to eliminate anxiety and worries out of your life. Jesus addressed anxiety or worries in life during the so called “Sermon on the mount” (Matthew 5-7).  Matthew 5 tells us that when Jesus saw the crowds, he went on a mountainside.  His disciples came to him and he began to teach them saying:  Blessed are the poor in spirit…..