A Woman Worthy of Praise

A Woman Worthy of Praise
1 Samuel 25:1-38

Throughout the Bible, we get to know the names of women whom God used to accomplish his purposes.  There were some who were prophets, judges, queens.  There was one who was in a bad relationship, but God used her to save her family. Background: David had become a fugitive; he was running away from king Saul who was seeking to kill him.  David was in the dessert with about 600 men.  They had run out of supplies; then David sent ten young men to a man named Nabal, whose shepherds David and his men had protected in the wilderness.
1 Samuel 25:1-38
Nabal (v.2-3)
     – Very wealthy man (had property as Carmel); 1,000 goats and 3,000 sheep.
     – His wife: Abigail (she was smart and beautiful)
     – Nabal was surly (rude) and harsh (mean) in his dealings (v.3)

David sent messengers to Nabal (v.4-9)
     – David sent 10 young men to ask to supply at a favorable time. (Sheep shearing); This is a time of celebration.  David waited for the right time to ask for a favor.
     – David asked Nabal to be favorable toward his men; to give them whatever he can.  David and his men had protected Nabal’s shepherds in the dessert (v.7-8)
Nabal refused to help David (10-11)
     – Insulted David’s servants and sent them back empty handed. (v.10-11)
David became angry and told his men to put on their sword; he determined to kill Nabal and all he had. This is how angry David became.

Abigail saved the day (v.14-31)
She is described as intelligent and beautiful; she moved into action when she was told the situation. (v.14-17)
“Think this over, (consider what you may do) for disaster is hanging over our master and his whole household.” (v.17)
She recognized the severity of the situation and moved into action. (v.18) she lost no time.
– She got supplies ready for David and his men (v.18-20).  She sent her servants with the supplies.

David’s determination (v.21-22)
     – He was ready to destroy everything that belonged to Nabal. “may God deal with David, be it ever so severely, if by morning I leave alive one male of all who belong to him!”
Abigail saw David and humbled herself before him. (v.23) (She got off the donkey quickly and bowed down before him)
     – She requested to speak to him (v.24)
     – Please ignore that wicked man Nabal (he is a fool)
     – She informed David that she didn’t see the servants he sent (v.25)
     – She encouraged David to think before acting (v.26 God has kept you from shedding blood and from avenging yourself with your own hands.) Words of wisdom from this God-sent woman.
     – She asked David to accept her gift.
     – She asked for forgiveness on behalf of her wicked husband (v.28)

 Abigail was God’s answer to David’s wrath.  She was God-sent to stop David from a massacre.
She brought David a prophetic word (v.28-31)  The prophet!
     – God will give you a lasting dynasty (The LORD will make you a sure house) (v.28)
     – The LORD will keep you safe from your enemies. (v.29)
     – The LORD will make you ruler over Israel (30)
     – When God has brought you success, remember me (v.31)

 David praised God because of Abigail (v.32-35)
     – He recognized it was God who sent Abigail to meet him.
     – David blessed Abigail for her discernment.  God used this woman to keep David from bloodshed that day.
     – David accepted her gifts (v.35)
     – David listened to her wise counsel
“I have heard your word and granted your request.”

Abigail saved her household from catastrophe due to her husband’s foolishness.
God used this woman to accomplish his purposes:
She displayed courage and discernment. Even David recognized her sound judgment and David thank God for her.  There are lots of women like Abigail in our society today, in our churches; women of courage and determination and willingness to do anything necessary to save her family even if they have to do it alone.  David praised God for Abigail; do you have women in your life who are the reason for you to praise God?  God has used them to bless you one way or another.  Thank God for the ladies in our lives; women worthy of admiration.


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