Sermons on 1 Samuel

A Woman Worthy of Praise

Throughout the Bible, we get to know the names of women whom God used to accomplish his purposes.  There were some who were prophets, judges, queens.  There was one who was in a bad relationship, but God used her to save her family. Background: David had become a fugitive; he was running away from king Saul who was seeking to kill him.  David was in the dessert with about 600 men.  They had run out of supplies; then David sent ten young men to a man named Nabal, whose shepherds David and his men had protected in the wilderness.

Obedience Better than Sacrifices

A great number of people know that God loves them for he gave his own Son to save them.  However, there are lots of people who don’t know how to love God.  Jesus said that if you truly love him, you would obey his instructions.  This is how you show God that you love him.  You cannot love God whichever way you think or desire; you must do it in the manner he prescribed otherwise you may find yourself in violation to his word.
There was a man in the Bible, a king, who thought he could accomplish The LORD’s mission his own way.

Facing Giants In Your Life

We all have to fight battles in this life; perhaps you may be fighting one right now. We all face challenges that make us feel helpless, hopeless, to say the least. At times these challenges get the best of us; stress and anxiety, fear and insecurity. This is how the first king of Israel felt for at least 40 days; he faced a huge problem as king and leader of the nation. He didn’t know how to overcome the issue; he was afraid, insecure regarding a war he was fighting against the Philistines. The Philistines had a champion named Goliath who taunted the nation of Israel for 40 days. Goliath’s words “Choose a man and have him come down to fight me” King Saul ran out of resources.