Sermons on 2 Chronicles

God’s Blessings in Disguise

Very often we think that having a blessed week means that things went well with us, no one got sick in the family; bills were paid on time.  No conflict with anyone in the family and so forth.  We tend to think of blessing only when things are ok with us.  Some think that if you experience trials or hardship in life, then God is not blessing you. 
What if I told you that at times it is through those trials that you get to experience the biggest blessings?

What to do When Your Back is Against the Wall

Everyone goes through difficult times in life.  Some of you may be going through tough times right now.  You may be in the middle of the storm seeking hope and it appears that hope is truly far away.  We know that going through difficulties in this life is just a matter of time.  We will all experience hardship.  The question is not will trouble times come to you?  But rather, how do you respond when they come?
We can learn how to respond by looking at how this king responded to a situation that had him against the wall.  He felt helpless, just like many of us may feel at times.