Sermons on Jesus (Page 3)

Good News in the midst of chaos

  Good New amid chaos Genesis 3:15 By Ysrael De la Cruz Today is considered the 2nd Sunday of advent, a Sunday of preparation for the arrival of Christmas.  Once Thanksgiving is over, many people start their preparation for Christmas; going to the stores you are reminded that Christmas is coming.  Taking a walk in…

What is Truth?

What is Truth? John 18:37-38 By Ysrael De la Cruz It was Denzel Washington who challenged journalist to tell the truth instead of doing their best to be first. “If you don’t watch the news, you’re uninformed. If you do watch it, you’re misinformed.” We all seek the truth; we want to know the truth…

Examine Your Foundation

Examine your foundation Matt.7:24-29 By Ysrael De la Cruz The foundation is the footing, base, or under structure of a building.  It is the base upon a house or building is established. The taller the building, the deeper the foundation.  A worldview is the platform upon which you stand to make sense of the world. …

Marks of a True Follower of Jesus

If you are truly a follower of Jesus, you will soon learn that there are qualities or characteristics that would identify you as one. There are things you do and choose not to do that would show others whether you are a disciple of Jesus or not. It’s very easy to identify followers of Jesus in the New Testament time. They are the ones who strive to work on their relationship with Jesus.

Jesus The Good Shepard

Jesus defined the type of relationship he wants with his followers. When he said, if anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me. The Bible uses tons of figures of speech (metaphors) to help us understand our God’s relationship with us. God is known as our Father and his people his children. (Our Father who art in Heaven…) The Potter and clay, the vine and branches; the husband and bride; God is known as a shepherd and his children are known as sheep. The Lord is my shepherd.

Who Is Jesus

The question “Who is Jesus?” has baffled minds for ages. This is a very dangerous question because your eternity depends on how you answer it. There are lots of people today, even in churches who still don’t know who Jesus is. I love the first line in the gospel of Mark. He wrote this gospel so that people would know who Jesus is. Mark 1:1 The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Learning from Jesus

Jesus didn’t fit the mold of religion in the society he grew up in. As a Jewish rabbi, he did things that went against the dorms of religion. This is why more often than not, we find the religious groups mad at Jesus when they saw him doing things that went against their cultural and traditional expectations. Jesus was accused of being a drunkard, a glutton, a friend of tax collectors and sinners. Matt.11:19 Jesus often was invited to dine with tax collectors and he would go. The reason Jesus would hang out with sinners was because they are the ones who need grace. They are lost and need to be found. He said, I didn’t come to call righteous people, but sinners to repentance. Luke 5:30-32

Jesus The Friend of Sinners

We everything that is going on in our world today, wars, hate, discrimination, etc. It’s evident more and more that our world needs Jesus, his touch, his love and compassion in order for it to eliminate hate and animosity from our midst. Think about it, if we treated each other the Jesus way this world would be better. People who came in contact with Jesus were never the same; their lives were transformed. We need transformation in our lives, but we are seeking in the wrong places.

How Bad Do You Really Want It

With the beginning of the New Year people tend to start making their resolutions; pledges or plans they would like to achieve. Things that they have been thinking about but have never been able to accomplish. People talk about quitting smoking, losing weight, eating healthier, taking on a new hobby, working on their relationship, marriage, etc. How about working or growing in your relationship with Christ.