Overcoming Distractions

One of my favorite scenes in the movie Rush hour is when Inspector Lee meet detective Johnson. Johnson was practicing defusing a bomb as the clock was ticking and she needed to make a decision and had only 15 seconds. She then gets distracted by Carter and ended up cutting the wrong wire and booom “I have bad news Johnson, we’re all dead. “I was distracted sir” “Distractions are going to occur in the field, this is why we call this practice. If you can’t handle pressure, then quit.”

How Bad Do You Want It

At the beginning of the year people tend to make resolutions; pledges or plans they would like to achieve.  These are things they have been thinking about but have never been able to accomplish.  People talk about quitting smoking, losing weight they gained during the holidays, eating healthier, taking on a new hobby, working on their relationship, going on vacation, etc.  How many of us would include in our list growing in in your relationship with Christ?

How Would You Respond Part 2

For some the Christmas celebration would continue until January 6th Some have started to take off their decorations and getting ready for valentine’s Day.  People respond differently.  We have seen the responses of people in the Christmas story. How are you going to respond to Jesus? What are you giving Jesus today; this new year that begins tomorrow?

How Would You Respond

Tomorrow there will be lots of happy children after they open their gifts and see their long-awaited present.  There will also be disappointment in the faces of those who won’t receive what they have hoped.  The Christmas season can be a time of celebration for some, but also a time of sadness and disappointment for others.  People respond in so many ways to this season.  Christians try their best to keep Christ in the celebration.

Extremely Favored

It’s funny to see how some kids respond when they open their gifts and it’s not what they have asked for or expected.  Some become extremely happy or extremely disappointed.  I have heard kids pray at school that they get everything they want for Christmas.  Usually when we pray, we would like God to intervene on our behalf.   To help us, guide us or give us something we need.

God’s Final Word

There are so many means of communications; people use all kinds of devices to communicate with others, radio, phone, letters, symbols, text, face to face communication.  Communication is a very important thing; a relationship would not thrive if there is not good communication.  With all the technological gadgets and developments, we have today, you can communicate with someone across the globe; Seeing soldiers wish Merry Christmas to their families via a phone or computer camera.  Nevertheless, nothing replaces face to face interaction; to see the person in front of you is priceless.

Building up Christ’s Church

Building Up The Church

When a church closes its doors or no longer functions as a beacon of light for Jesus; it makes me wonder upon which foundation was such church built.  When Jesus said he would build his church, he also made the promise that it will transcend time, not even the forces of evil will overpower it.
The church began with the preaching of the apostles and prophets, as Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.

Reason for Giving Thanks

One of the first things we teach children is to say thank you when someone does something nice for them. “What do you say?” Say thank you.  To be grateful does not come naturally to little kids; It doesn’t come natural to a lot of people who think they are entitled to things.  Very soon they take for granted the source from which they got what they have.  How often we go through life and forget to show gratitude to others; how about gratitude to God?

When God Builds up His Church

Every house or building begin with a foundation; they are as strong as their foundation.
The Bible tells us that Jesus promised to build his church and that the gates of Hell would not overcome it.  Matt.16:18. The church belongs to Jesus because he is his architect, engineer, designer.  It was his idea to build it.   Have you ever wondered how Jesus began to build his church?  What did he do to build it?

Overcoming Despair

“Life is like an elevator a lot of ups and downs; people pushing your buttons and getting jerked around.”  We all have experienced the ups and downs of life.  The mountain top experiences and the valley.  We get discouraged and hopeless when things don’t go as we anticipated.  It is during those times that we may feel like giving up; you may be ready to throw the towel.  If that is you today, I have a word from the LORD that will help you deal with depressing and discouragement in life.

Beware of Spiritual Blindness

Go and tell this people: “‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’ Isa.6:9
This phrase tells us of a disease that was common before the time of Jesus, during his time and even in our time.  It’s called “spiritual blindness.”  it can affect anyone.  It is predominantly seeing in those who don’t believe in God; however, there have been reported cases of this disease found in churches throughout the world.

God’s Blessings in Disguise

Very often we think that having a blessed week means that things went well with us, no one got sick in the family; bills were paid on time.  No conflict with anyone in the family and so forth.  We tend to think of blessing only when things are ok with us.  Some think that if you experience trials or hardship in life, then God is not blessing you. 
What if I told you that at times it is through those trials that you get to experience the biggest blessings?